Sale of a portfolio of 8 properties for €58.4 million.

Sale of a portfolio of 8 properties for €58.4 million.

Central Sicaf S.p.A. finalizes the sale of a of 8 mixed-use properties portfolio for € 58.4 million.

Central SICAF S.p.A., a company under the management and coordination of Covivio S.A., has finalized the sale, in accordance with the rationalization strategy, of a portfolio of 8 assets, for a total value of € 58.4 million to AP Wireless Italia InfraRe, a subsidiary of Radius Global Infrastructure.

The transaction involved the sale of 8 mixed-use assets, currently leased to a leading telecommunications operator and located mainly in urban centers in northern and central Italy.

The assets were commercialized with the support, as advisor, of the Capital Markets team of BNP Paribas Real Estate Advisory Italy.

The transaction was completed at values essentially in keeping with contribution values.

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