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Privacy Policy


We are pleased to welcome you to the area dedicated to our personal data processing policy (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy“). Below you will find general information about the processing of your personal data by the Covivio Group (A) as well as information about the data processed specifically on this website (B).

We recommend that you read our Privacy Policy carefully as it contains important information about your personal data, including how it is used, the purposes for which it is used and the rights and remedies available to you. If any of this information is missing, please feel free to contact our data protection officer (the “DPO“) at

  • A – Covivio Group’s personal data processing policy

You can find our general policy here

  • B – Personal data specifically collected by

The purpose of the following notice is to present to you the specific terms and conditions of the processing of your personal data collected on the website (hereinafter referred to as “

No personal data, with the exception of some cookies, is collected through the Site. Information about the installation of cookies is presented below.

Central Sicaf undertakes to ensure that the collection and processing of cookies, conducted from the Site, complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Italian Data Protection Code (D.Lgs. 196/2003).

1 – About cookies
At the time you access our Site, cookies are installed on your computer, your mobile phone, or your tablet.
We use 2 types of cookie on the aforementioned site for the purposes mentioned below.
Please note that the list of applied cookies is constantly updated, different types of cookies can be added or deleted.

2 – Definition of a cookie
A cookie is a text file installed on your computer, your mobile phone, or your tablet, specifically at the time you visit an Internet site. It makes it possible to retain user data in order to facilitate browsing and enable certain features and functionalities. Cookies are managed by your Internet browser.

3 – Learn more about cookies and the means to object to them
2 types of cookies are installed on the Site.

Internal cookies necessary for the site to function
These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our website This category includes only cookies that ensure and provide the basic features and functionalities of the aforementioned site. They do not require consent and the pop-up banner will not provide the option to select cookies.

You can oppose those cookies and delete them using your browser parameters, however, there is the risk that your user experience and your security will be degraded.






The WordPress multilingual plugin uses this cookie to store the current language settings.



The site’s WordPress theme uses this cookie. This allows the site owner to implement or modify the content of the site in real time..

The analytics cookies that do not require consent are those that meet the criteria identified by the Authority for the protection of personal data in the provision no. 231 of June 10, 2021 “Guidelines on cookies and other tracking tools” (i.e. they are used only to produce aggregate statistics, the fourth component of the IP address is masked, third parties refrain from combining analytics cookies with other processing). These cookies fall into the category of technical cookies.

4 – Means for opposing the installation of cookies
At the time of your first visit to our Site, a banner informs you of the presence of these cookies.
You can also inform yourself at any time inform by going to the Cookies Management page in the bottom left of the footer of every page of the Site:

To manage installed cookies, you can also:

  • Parameterize your browser to block or even delete the cookies installed by our Site;
  • Parameterize your browser to request your consent before installing a cookie. You have the ability to accept or refuse them one by one or refuse them all;
  • Decide to delete a previously installed cookie by modifying the parameters of your Internet browser.