Central SICAF S.p.A. chooses the brave M&T system to certify its property portfolio.

Milan, April 27, 2022Central SICAF S.p.A., a company under the management and coordination of Covivio S.A, entrusted BRAVE m&t, a spin-off of POLITECNICO DI MILANO, the certification of a portfolio of technology properties currently leased to a leading telecommunications operator and located in several Italian cities (Milan, Rome, Alessandria, Genoa, Mantua, Padua, Trento, Vicenza).

BRAVE m&t ‘s certification system is based on a building quality rating in the real estate perspective that can evaluate functional and technological components holistically and identify the elements that identify, objectively, the performance level of buildings.

Already used for several asset classes, the BRAVE m&t system has been adapted to the evaluation of buildings housing telephone exchanges in Central SICAF’s portfolio, thus representing a unique certification model for this type of property.

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